Why You Need To Treat Your Social Media Strategy Like Your Content Strategy

In a typical organization, the social media tweets away in one department while content writers toil away in another. The social team links to fresh content, sure… and that’s about the extent of their interactions. But, at the end of the day, what you post and share on social media is content, and it’s time we start treating our social postings with the same amount of gravity as we do our content.

Fact: social media posts are content. They may be abbreviated and (in some cases) more casual, but they’re content all the same. They’re written to get attention; they can be optimized for search and deliver powerful search signals;  and when done right, they are written and posted with a clear goal in mind — a goal that is directly beneficial to the company.

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5 Ways To Cultivate Your Social Media Brand Ambassadors

In an age where social media and brand image are irrevocably linked, brands and businesses need methods of managing their social media brand activists.  In social business, the most loyal fans aren’t just supporting brands, they define a brand.

As a result of social technologies, fans now have a global voice – and a platform to share their interests, product ideas and feedback. When it comes to how businesses plan their marketing spending, it makes sense to pay attention to what their customers are saying about their brand and to reward them for their loyalty.

The most important customers that marketers struggle to cultivate are their social brand ambassadors.  These are fans that are highly influential on social media, and often follow the brand across several social media platforms. There are three levels of brand ambassadors: For more info: http://socialmediatoday.com/kelly-dern/1201346/five-methods-cultivate-your-social-media-brand-ambassadors


How to Create Facebook Events Without Annoying Your Friends

It’s always nice to be included. That is, unless it’s a Facebook Event for a 20-piece recorder recital playing Nickleback’s greatest hits.Since Facebook added the ability to plan events and invite your friends a few years ago, it’s become one of the post popular online ways to organize get-togethers. It’s also a feature that pisses people off.

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Are you part of the problem? Look at our tips above to learn how to be a more conscientious Facebook host.

What are your Facebook Event pet peeves? Let us know in the comments.

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Facebook Graph Search Will Find You The Perfect Date

A short film called “Online Now” appeared on the Internet last year. The film consists of a series of quick vignettes which create pretty great interpretation of how technology has invaded our lives. One of the scenes shows a young guy using Facebook to learn about a girl who recently went from “In a Relationship” to “Single”. By browsing her likes and interests he fakes a photo, learns about a band she’s into and ends up going on a date with her – all through Facebook. Had the new Facebook Graph Search been around when the filmmakers wrote this scene, it would have played out a little bit different.

I got access to Facebook Graph Search last week, and while messing around with some arbitrary search terms, I couldn’t stop thinking about “Online Now.” The film makes a great point: While social media is great for keeping in touch with friends and family, young people use it to easily, and sometimes dishonestly, browse for potential girlfriends and boyfriends. This idea is explained the best in “Social Network” when the fictional Mark Zuckerberg says, “Relationship status, interested in – this is what drives life in college.”

For more info: http://www.forbes.com/sites/mattmiller/2013/01/29/facebook-graph-search-date/

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