Google Have Big Plans for Authorship- You Should Too

Where content gets posted has always been incredibly important to Google. They have been using signals such as page rank to indicate the authority of a site for a while now. Websites that have built up authority and respect will get their content favoured in comparison to their less established competitors. As a result, any content that an established site produces will automatically get favoured and rank highly in the search results.

As of now, Google will be looking at an even better indicator of quality content- the authors themselves. Google patented something called ‘agent rank’ back in 2005 but didn’t do much with it; until recently. It has since developed into what we now know as authorship.

Basically, authors are going to be directly connected to their content, and they will develop an author rank. If you are consistently producing quality content that gets a lot of attention such as shares, likes, tweets etc. your author rank is going to increase, your future content is going to carry more weight and therefore rank higher as a result.

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