Why Social Networks Are for Sharing and Not Telling

We all use social networks to share funny photos, cool videos, personal thoughts and opinions. For years, we have decided, on our own, which status updates on Facebook to “like” and which posts to “retweet” on Twitter. It is why many of us use social networks, to have the right to choose which content interests us the most. We have never needed to be told what to do on social sites before, so why is it that many feel it is necessary to tell us what actions we should be doing now?

If you are a regular user of social networks than you most likely know what I am referring to, the “Please “like” my status update, Share this image if you like puppies, and Please retweet” posts, seen all too often on just about every social networking site. This new way of sharing content has indeed caught people’s attention, but not in a good way.

When other users see your account show up in their newsfeeds, whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, you want them to engage with you because they choose to and not because you have repeatedly asked them to or made them feel guilty if they don’t. We don’t constantly tell the same people to follow us on Twitter or to leave specific comments on our Facebook Wall, because it would simply turn people away and this same idea applies to when users ask for “likes” and shares.

For more:  http://goo.gl/aAfqC

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