The 6 Most Important Things International Search Marketers Should Know To Be Successful

It’s actually one of the beefs I have about automated tools (only one of many, I might add); namely, that if a tool does it automatically, no one ever really learns what matters. And, no one really knows if the tool’s advice if correct, either.

Dig Carefully To Find Accurate Information

First, you have to understand the Atkins-Krueger law of online knowledge (humor), which states that “The number of sites which provide correct information is inversely proportional to the total number of sites which talk about the subject.”

So, if there are only a few sites which talk about the life cycle of a scarlet malachite beetle (one of the rarest beetles), then a large proportion will be factual. The same cannot be said for “international SEO,” where you have to dig carefully to find the accurate information you seek.

If there are so many words, and yet only a limited amount of useful and accurate information, then we need our people to be well trained and have a good knowledge of the subject in order to interpret what’s important and what’s just fluff.

International Search Marketing Knowledge

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