How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. OK, lies. It’s better than sliced bread. On Pinterest you virtually” pin” pictures associated with links to the best ideas and products in every corner of the web. You can find great new sites, organize them on your pin boards, and share your own products across a platform driven by a female audience (the buyers of the world!). Sounds pretty perfect, right? Now, you just have to learn how to get the most out of this site.

How can you use Pinterest to your advantage? Consider this Pinterest 101.

Find great people and brands to follow. Link up your account to Facebook or Twitter, and Pinterest will have some suggestions for who you should follow based on your other social-media habits. From there, find other pinners who have similar interests for great ideas. At the top of your homepage, check out the categories under “Everything” to find a mishmash of ideas and links floating around Pinterest at any given moment. In your feed, if a friend repins a link to a site with a great idea, trail the person or brand that initially pinned it. From there you can find cool folks to follow, or even individual boards so you don’t clog your stream with too much information.

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