Ben Settle – Email Marketing Strategy For Sales Reps!

It has long been my view that most sales reps have made poor use of email strategy, not to mention blogging, as part of their sales process. So, I invited Ben Settleback to Intrepid Radio to discuss what can be done.

Ben is an email specialist out of, and you can join his great mailing list there as well.

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First, we cover some email basics:

1. Why you should send marketing email every day. 2. How large your mailing list should be. 3. Content, and how to generate it. 4. The whole point of blogging is to build your mailing list.


Email marketing has been used for years to build up businesses, but many new online businesses don’t understand just how beneficial this marketing can be. Branded emails have been able to increase sales and improve conversions, and it should be added into anyone’s marketing mix. Here are the main benefits of email marketing:

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