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Twitter 2013: Future Looks Bright, But Will It IPO?

My personal relationship with Twitter hit a milestone on Christmas Eve. For the first time, a Promoted Tweet — an ad, essentially — made me want to laugh and share rather than grimace and push on through my news feed. Even better, from Twitter’s perspective, is the fact that I was on the mobile app when it happened.

The promoted tweet, perfectly timed for holiday joke-telling, was so witty, subtle and brief, I don’t even mind giving the company some free publicity by repeating it in a story. It was from Dos Equis, and simply read: “He speaks reindeer.” No further words, nor even a link, were necessary. (I don’t often remember promoted tweets, but when I do …)

Ads that work this well are extremely hard to blend into social media, even harder to accomplish in a mobile context. As we discovered in 2012, the formula is almost impossible to get right, and getting it wrong means pissing off millions of users.

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Twitter Improves Promoted Tweets with Negative Keyword Targeting and Trend Matching

Twitter has updated their Promoted Tweets service for advertisers, adding the ability to target negative keywords and match trending stories.

Businesses can also import keyword lists from other advertising platforms, or copy and paste them from documents, using the “import multiple keywords” tool.

There are now three different keyword matching options to choose from: exact match, phrase match and basic keyword match.  Negative keyword targeting allows businesses to “restrict [they’re] Promoted Tweets from showing up when users search for certain keywords”.

So, for example, Terry’s Chocolate Orange could type “John” as a negative keyword in order not to be associated with Chelsea footballer John Terry.

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How to Split Test Your Twitter Marketing

Would you like to improve your Twitter marketing?

Are you testing to see what gives you the best results?

Traditionally, split testing is a practice that’s applied to individual pages on your website to compare page variations and ultimately determine conclusively which version results in the highest overall conversion rate.

However, implementing split tests on your website alone is short-sighted! In fact, you can harness the power of split testing to generate valuable information about your target audience and their overall engagement with your brand on social media websites.

To see how to do this, let’s go step by step through how to carry out a split test on Twitter.

Step #1 – Create Your Split Test Tweet

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Take Twitter Campaigns To The Next Level With SEO Data

You drive amazing amounts of traffic to your sites, grow conversions and engage with thousands of users over social media. Want to take your search and social efforts to the next level? Try forming a Social-SEO super group to exploit synergies, foster collaboration and deliver better results across Social and SEO.

Integrating your online marketing efforts is all about breaking down silos and delivering amazing results for brands and agencies. Social and SEO marketers can be a big part of this.
As marketers, our ultimate aim is to have one marketing super group with PPC, SEO, Social and Display working together seamlessly. Today though, let me focus on how you can leverage SEO data and build your own SEO-Social super group. I will use Twitter as an example to show how the SEO-Social super group works together.

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The 10 Keys To Optimizing Twitter Engagement

Track Social recently conducted an extended study of major brand activity on Twitter. The results have been collected in the 10 Keys to Optimizing Twitter Engagement, available for download here.

The white paper includes surprising new insights and accompanying charts ranging from the best time of day to tweet to the most compelling kinds of content.

We look at four areas of Tweet Optimization: Content, Frequency, Length, and Timing. Each individual area can yield improvement of over 100% in response levels via Retweet.

Exactly how each insight applies to a specific brand will vary, however when used together, as part of an ongoing program, the benefits of using these insights will be significant.

Here are some of the Keys to Optimizing Twitter Engagement.

1. Ask for what you want.

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30 Twitter Community Management Tips

Community Management on Twitter is all about the people we are following, those following us, and the people who are talking about us and our business with whom we are not yet connected.

First Impressions Count!1.  Twitter avatar/picture:Invest in a professional photo of yourself or your team. Then combine your logo with the picture. Unprofessional photos can do your online brand a lot of damage. People are also less likely to trust, follow or engage with logos.

2.  Make good use of your Twitter bio. Avoid repeating your name or website twice; use a combination of your name and business name. Use specific keywords in your bio so people can find you when carrying out a search.

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