5 Ways To Cultivate Your Social Media Brand Ambassadors

In an age where social media and brand image are irrevocably linked, brands and businesses need methods of managing their social media brand activists.  In social business, the most loyal fans aren’t just supporting brands, they define a brand.

As a result of social technologies, fans now have a global voice – and a platform to share their interests, product ideas and feedback. When it comes to how businesses plan their marketing spending, it makes sense to pay attention to what their customers are saying about their brand and to reward them for their loyalty.

The most important customers that marketers struggle to cultivate are their social brand ambassadors.  These are fans that are highly influential on social media, and often follow the brand across several social media platforms. There are three levels of brand ambassadors: For more info: http://socialmediatoday.com/kelly-dern/1201346/five-methods-cultivate-your-social-media-brand-ambassadors