How to Use Offline Data to Help Improve Your Social Media Efforts

Now that so many small businesses have tapped into the benefits of social media marketing, it’s time to consider gathering data and analyzing this data in order to improve. In most cases, small businesses are using the data that they gather from online tools such as SocialBro or Google Analytics. In the case of Facebook, the network already has built in data regarding the social media page including who visits, what posts are getting the most clicks, the changes in numbers over time, and many more.

This data is incredibly important and will certainly help improve any social media strategy. However, there are many different ways that a company gathers data, and it isn’t always online. Companies have been gathering numbers offline for years, so although online marketing might be new to some small businesses, it isn’t time to forget your offline efforts. Believe it or not, your offline data can help you improve your online social media efforts.

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